Best Money Management Apps For Budgeting Your Finances In 2020

With the choices in personal finance and money management apps available on the market these days, it is easier than ever to be able to stick to a budget and make sound financial and investment decisions. The downside to having so many apps to choose from is figuring out which ones will work best for your financial situation.

Not all app tools are worth downloading and using. Some cost more money than they are worth. To make your decision a little easier, below are some of the top money management apps available to use currently. Sticking to a budget can sometimes be difficult. In those times when money is needed, there are options such as Joliet title loans to consider. There are many great title loan lenders to apply with such as one of the in your area.


Mint is considered one of the best apps on the market these days for managing your money. It is a free application that anyone can download. It will help users create a budget, track their spending and learn ways to be smarter with their money.

The interface allows users to connect their bank accounts, credit cards, monthly bills and other finances altogether for more convenience and easier management. The app will inform you when you have bills due and what you are able to afford to pay. With Mint, you will also have access to your credit score.


This app is great for those that need more help controlling and tracking their expenses. The best feature of the Wally app is that you don't have to manually log all of your expenses at the end of each day, week or month. The app allows you to simply take a picture of your receipts and it will be automatically logged for you.

If you allow geo-location within the Wally app, it will even fill out that information for you as well. It is a streamlined app with a clean interface that is simple for anyone to use. Its convenience will allow you to see where your money is going at any given point.


If saving is your favorite budgeting method, Acorns is an app that should definitely be in your arsenal. It makes saving easy with automation and a clean interface. Each time you make a purchase with a card you have connected to your Acorns app, they will round that amount up to the next dollar amount. The difference will be automatically invested for you in low-costing, exchange-traded funds. You will be able to select which ETFs you want your money invested into based on your risk preferences. This app makes investing completely painless.

Most people who use the app do not notice the difference in money being taken out of their accounts. However, they do notice when they find themselves earning hundreds or thousands extra each year without having to put in any effort. The app is free to use for college students. Anyone else who decides to use the Acorns app will be charged a minimal $1 each month they stay active.


For the cryptocurrency lovers of the world who want to better manage their finances, Coinbase may be the answer for them. If you want just a single app for cryptocurrency trading, this is the place to begin. Through this app, users are able to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and many other currencies. It is a simpler, more basic version of the Coinbase desktop interface. The simple interface of the app makes it easy to use for anyone who might be new to trading. An added benefit of Coinbase is the ability to set up price alerts to let you know when it is time to buy or sell your currency.


This app is a game-changer when it comes to investing. Robinhood is great for both advanced and beginner investors. All transactions are free to make because the company makes more money by simply upselling their premium features such as margin trading. On the home screen of the Robinhood app, "cards" will appear to give you news alerts and market information in real-time. These will help you make better investment decisions with your money. You are able to turn these alerts off whenever you want.

This app is also one of the first to offer Bitcoin trading options. A lot of hard work and dedication went into making this app. It was turned down more than 75 times by VC investors before the founders finally found funding.

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