How To Get The Lowest Credit Card Interest Rate

Anyone who's had a credit card can tell you about the value of understanding interest. Cards that will start off with promotional rates for the first year will incur interest afterward and potentially leave you with even more debt than before. While the best solution to credit card debt is to not spend more than you have, that sort of hindsight might've not been available to you when you first signed up. If high interest rates seem to be burying you, don't despair. This is how to get the lowest credit card interest rate.


Credit card companies aren't going to give you a lower rate out of the goodness of their hearts. They have so many accounts to deal with, and you're just another face in the crowd to them. To get their attention, you have to speak out. Get in touch with them via phone and explain your situation. Don't be confrontational or demanding. Simply explain your situation to them and see what kind of rate they can provide. You should also come well-prepared with relevant information such as how long you've had the account.


Again, you shouldn't be combative, but you'll need some sort of persuasive ability if you want a reduced rate. You can ask nicely, but your credit card company is unlikely to approve your request unless you have valid reasons. There are multiple arguments you can make, such as making payments on time, paying more than the minimum each month, and staying well below your credit limit. Credit card companies can tell when someone is using their card responsibly, but sometimes you have to speak out and say that you deserve a lower rate. It won't cause your debt to vanish, but it can make it much easier for you to handle.


Let's say you've just presented your case to your credit card company. After looking over your evidence, they agree that you should be entitled to a lower rate, but their proposed rate is still higher than what you want. Negotiating is an art that is perfected through persistence. Ask if there's any other rate they'd be willing to offer. It might not be as low as you want, but it can still be an improvement. This can be a good time to present your arguments again. You should also listen to their reasoning. They might be offering a higher rate because the percentage of your available credit you're using is too high to justify the rate you desire. Should it become clear that they won't budge any further, you should accept the proposed rate. When you pay off more of your debt, you can negotiate again.

Bring up other offers

This is for when you're first applying for credit cards, as you can't just decide you'll stop giving a credit card company your business when you have debt to pay off. Credit card brochures and offers will promise all kinds of things, from low interest rates to cashback rewards. If you're just now entering this world, you should do comparison shopping. Look at cards you're qualified for and determine which one is best for you. There might be a card that is perfect, but the interest rate is just too high. You could call the company, and tell them that you're wanting to sign up, but that a competing company is offering similar perks at a lower interest rate. For a credit card company, the potential money lost from granting you a lower interest rate is nothing compared to the potential money lost from you not becoming their customer.

Navigating credit card interest rates can seem like an ordeal at first, but it's really as simple as getting some basic information in front of you, making a phone call, and explaining your situation. The more you prove that you're a valuable customer and take the responsibility of owning a credit card seriously, the lower your rate can be. If you need some money to help out with other expenses, look into getting a title loan. When you research title loans online in Joliet, you can find all the essential information you need.

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